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Traveling Sales Crews

Section 103.34 Wisconsin Statutes requires the department to promulgate administrative rules, Chapter DWD 273 Wisconsin Administrative Code to regulate and register traveling sales crews, to register traveling sales crew workers and to enforce action.

Businesses that either recruit or use traveling sales crews in Wisconsin are now required to register with DWD's Equal Rights Division and secure sales permits foe each crew member.  When entering a community, the crew members must have their sales permits stamped by the municipal clerk.  Each sales member must carry the permit with them and present it upon request by potential customers or police officers.

For purpose of these provisions a "traveling sales crew" is defined as two or more individuals who are employed as salespersons or in related support work, who travel together in a group, and who are absent overnight from their permanent places or residence for the purpose of selling consumer goods or services from house to house, on any street, or in public places.

Before determining whether you need to apply to be registered as traveling sales crew in Wisconsin you need to read the above listed statutes and administrative code to determine  your responsibilities under regulations.

Send completed registration packet to:

Equal Rights Division
PO Box 8928
Madison, WI 53708

For information contact the Madison Equal Rights Division:

Application for Registration (ERD-16789-E)

Disclosure Statement (ERD-16790-E)

Updated April 14, 2010 by the Equal Rights Division
For additional information contact the Division at ER Information.



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