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Senator Herb Kohl introduced three bills over a period of two years in response to a catastrophic worker-laden van rollover in his home state of Wisconsin in 1999. That rollover, which happened while an unlicensed driver tried to trade seats with a passenger, killed seven young sales people and injured six more. The first bill, S.1989 was a strong bill that sought “to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to ensure the protection of employees in traveling sales crews . . .;” but, for whatever reason, it languished without a vote. It was reintroduced in 2001 as S.96, but likewise, never came up for a vote.

Bill S. 2549, a wholly inadequate bill, was thrown into the hopper by Kohl in 2002. It was passed by the Senate but, fortunately, was never voted upon by the House.

Congressman Tom Petri introduced HR 3070 in 2002, a bill similar to Kohl’s S. 96. This bill was a looser version of S.96, but still would have had a substantial impact upon the industry. However, it was never voted upon, and both bills died, for what reason we will never know.

If you know of pending legislation in your municipality or state for the regulation of door-to-door sales, or laws already on the books, contact us.

Our legislators need to hear your experience whether you are a consumer, a parent, or an ex-crew member. The icon below will take you to your representative's website. Please write about your experience, and let him or her know that federal legislation is needed to protect both workers and consumers. Please refer your representative to the Parent Watch website.


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