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I have been out of that horrible intrapment for 4 years now

story: I was 18 when I saw the ad about having fun in the sun and traveling for free.  I called and within two days I was on my way to meet up with the crew in Tn.  Once I arrived at the bus station, I was picked up and taken back to the hotel.  Since the crew had already left for the day, I was left in a room for 6 hours.  Finally the manager called my room and told me "Hey beautlful, get ready I want to take you out to dinner." At 18, I was flattered and ready to get out of the hotel room.  Once at dinner, the manager and his girlfriend went on and on about how great the magcrew life was.

Once we got back the crew was there and packing because the next day was Sunday.  Sunday, the only day that we ever had off, was used for "jumping", going to a different location.

After two days of training I was dropped off by myself in what the car handler called the "joust".  I was made to work 10 hours a day Monday-Saturday and travel Sundays. I was always tired and with only given 20 a night max for food, usually hungry.  I saw many people get beaten til we had to call an ambulance, and then they would lie and say that the person got jumped while walking outside.  I saw people humiliated by not having made their quota for the day. Many of the people were strunge out on drugs and alcohol.  I choose to lock myself in my room at night.  Luckily, my 3 other room mates slept in their boyfriends' rooms.

This endless cycle went on for about 3 months.  I was scared to even ask to go home, I had seen many times where girls that wanted to leave were kicked out of the van on the side of the road, or rapped by guys on the crew.  Every now and then I would have a beer or two with some people that I worked with.  Well, while doing this one night, I drank one beer.  Approximatly 15 min later I was so dizzy I couldnt see straight.  I figured that it was due to the lack of food over the course of three days.  I woke up the next morning not knowing how I got back to my room or where some of my clothes were.  I didnt say anything and just went out and did what I was suppose to do.  A couple of weeks later I was getting very sick, having a bottomless feeling in the pit of my stomach from remembering this night, I took a test and sure enough I was pregnant.  When I showed my manager the test and told him that I wanted to go home, he said no its ok you can work til you show and then you can handle car.

The next day my manager approached me and told me before I got dropped on T that in he had an abortion scheduled for two days later.  I told him that was never going to happen, and he laughed and joked about accidently pushing me down a flight of stairs.  I was so scared after that, I got a hold of my mother from using someone's phone that I had sold a magazine too.  She bought me a bus ticket all I had to do was to go to the bus station the next morning.

At the end of the day, we were headed back to the hotel, our manager was driving and was completely wasted.  He stopped at a bar and told the rest of the crew members, I was always made to be in a van of all guys, that they should have some fun with me.  When I replied I will wait here I am pregnant and going home tomorrow, my manager laughed, and said oh come on have a drink with us again I have another pill you wouldnt know a thing.  All of the guys started laughing and my manager proceeded to tell me, I'm serious come have a beer let us have some fun with you and you can leave tommorow.

After realizing he had confirmed I was drugged and then asking if they could do it again I felt like I was going to puke.  When we finally went back to the hotel, I asked a car handler if she would drive me to the bus station the next morning before everyone got up.  She had been through the same thing but was forced to get an abortion and was more than willing to help.

I hope that this story helps people realize this is a horrible thing.  Whatever you do stay away from these crews.


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